Quality Tree Service Company in Mount Vernon

Are you looking for a great tree service company in the Mount Vernon WA area? Precision Tree Services is located right in Marysville and offers emergency tree removal Mount Vernon.

If you’re even considering the removal of a danger tree around your house, you should stop and consider that you might not merely damage your house, you could kill yourself as well. Removing a tree takes the work of a professional to ensure the safety of you and your home.

emergency tree removal services

Some of the different types of danger tree removal services include: 

Fallen Tree/ Limb Removal

Perhaps you’ve had a huge limb fall down and need to either cut off the limb or cut down the entire tree. We can help remove the emergency from your vicinity.

Cracked Trees

Cracked trees are no fun. Imagine leaving your cracked tree to a windstorm? Not very smart. Usually a cracked tree targets your house, car, or people during a windstorm. This is not good. Be sure to have us remove your cracked trees. If you’re not sure, we’ll give you a free estimate on what you should do.

Threatening Trees

Some trees just look evil! While you might have us cut those down, we are more of talking about the trees that are falling apart (may cause injury). If you’re unsure about one of your trees… then it’s probably going to be a problem for you in the future. You need to be sure to connect with one of our expert danger tree removal guys to take a look at your tree.


Depending upon the size of a tree, the cost will make absolute sense to the value you’re getting in “peace of mind”. If it’s a good sized tree, you’re probably looking at a few thousand dollars. Smaller jobs can range anywhere from $400 to $1500. Not bad!

We have the right equipment to make the job painless for you. Generally, we can take out a few trees in a few hours (depending upon the context of danger). Be sure to ask us about our first time customer discount when you give us a call. We look forward to being your tree removal experts.